The Pension Fund’s business continuity ensured by Investment Management staff

Following on the heels of Business Continuity Week 2012, the Investment Management Division (IMD) which manages all $42 billon of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, conducted a division-wide disaster recovery (DR) exercise on 25 May 2012 as part of its Business Continuity (BC) plan.

“This was a tremendously informative exercise, revealing in a timely manner the importance of good communications amongst staff….it may make our operations and the Fund more secure in the future’, says Ms. Suzanne Bishopric, the Director of IMD who led 57 staff members during the exercise, which involved an emergency response to a mock disaster from a DR site in Switzerland. “Not only did we all work remotely but we also used our systems hosted with International Computing Center (ICC) in Geneva. We worked many years to accomplish this” says Dr. Kamel Kessaci, Senior Information Systems Officer, who monitored the exercise from Geneva with Mr. Ajit Singh, Chief Risk Officer, whose office drafted the plan and coordinated the exercise. Prior to the DR exercise on 25 May, IMD conducted pre-exercises at section levels as part of its preparedness.

The Business Continuity plan, approved in September 2011, was drafted in consultation with the Business Continuity Management Unit (BCMU) of the Department of Management (DM).

The investment management of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF) assets is the fiduciary duty of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in consultation with an Investments Committee.  Mr. Warren Sach, Assistant Secretary-General, Central Support Services, is designated as the Representative of the Secretary-General (RSG) and has been delegated the responsibility for the management and administration of the investment of the Fund’s assets.  The RSG is assisted by the staff of the Investment Management Division (IMD).