The Investments Committee meets in New Delhi, India

The Investments Committee of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund held its meeting in New Delhi, India. The members of the Investments Committee and the Investment Management Division reviewed the performance of the Fund and the increasing importance of India in the investment portfolio.

The Investment Management Division internally manages 95 per cent of the Fund’s portfolio. During the meeting in New Delhi, the Fund reached a new, all-time high of $42.7 billion.

The Fund is the world's most globally diversified pension fund, generating a 20.3 per cent return in 2009. The Fund had investments in more than 39 countries, 7 international/regional institutions and 27 currencies.

The General Assembly, besides vesting the responsibility and authority to invest Pension Fund assets in the Secretary-General, has also adopted four criteria to guide Pension Investments: Safety, Profitability, Convertibility, and Liquidity, which are adhered to under the careful stewardship of the Investment Management Division.

The Committee is composed of distinguished investment experts under the Chairmanship of the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Mr. William McDonough.