Under the leadership of the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Operations and Information Systems Section is responsible for ensuring the security of the Fund’s investments, increasing the transparency of financial reporting, implementing strategic financial applications, information systems infrastructure, and supporting front-to-back investment operation processes, as set out in IMD’s strategic target operating model.


The Operations team is responsible for the accounting and the back office operations of IMD. Some of the major functions of the Operations team are: Within the scope of the Operations functions, the Chief of Operations has dual reporting line to the COO of IMD for back office and to the CFO of UNJSPF for accounting.

Information Technology

The Information Systems team is responsible for implementing and supporting IMD’s financial applications as well as overseeing its infrastructure. The team’s goal is to closely align technological innovations in the asset management industry with a target operating model that meets IMD’s requirements, utilizing international standards and best industry practices on an ever more efficient, effective, secure, resilient, and responsive Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment. The main functions and responsibilities of the team may be summarized as follows: